Missed the Green Bus? No worries. Here is what you can do.

Energy landscape is shifting from conventional Oil & Gas to Green Energy. This presents a great opportunity for energy professionals in Oil & Gas to “reinvent” themselves.

  During the first phase of expansion of renewable energy market (2007 to 2011), the demand for skilled professionals was high and talent was scarce; companies were quick to employ professionals from the conventional energy domain with experience in Project Management, Commissioning, Planning & Execution, Cabling, Quality & Testing and Auditing & Budgeting.

   What enabled the transition from non-renewable energy to renewables was individual’s ability to transfer key technical skills to this domain.  These professionals who made a shift during this time, grew rapidly with the expanding industry and today they hold enviable positions in the renewable energy domain.

    Well, if you have been thinking of making a switch to green energy, the time is NOW! With Climate change being seen as a real and imminent threat the stakeholders are working against the clock to transition to sustainable energy.

   As new technologies are being developed in clean energy like Green Hydrogen, Ethanol/Bio fuels; they are moving to proof of concept stage. While successfully piloted projects are being evaluated for commercial viability and are getting ready to be scaled. Hence, the opportunities are immense at every stage.

While the number of job opportunities in Green Energy domain are set to double in next decade, a successful transition will only be possible through a conscious and well thought out strategy. In the current scenario, just the technical skills would not be enough to make the shift; but one needs to work on:

  • Doing an objective assessment of your skills, strengths &  interest and research & identify specific roles suited to your skillset
  • Identifying and highlighting transferable skills including soft skills like adaptability, teamwork & collaboration
  • Understanding skill gaps and doing relevant certification & trainings to bridge them
  • Internships or contractual assignments in renewable industry to get hands on experience
  • Keeping updated with industry news & trends and government policies
  • Networking in renewable energy space, both offline and online
  • Researching & understanding complex regulatory framework of renewables

Professionals who can transition to Green Energy:

  • Engineers- Civil, Marine, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical etc
  • Project Management
  • Health Safety & Environment
  • Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Business Development & Government Liaison
  • IT
  • QA/QC
  • Accounts & Finance

Preparing and positioning yourself through a series of steps with professional guidance will enable a smooth and successful transition.

As an old proverb goes “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.”

For any specific queries regarding switching to Green energy, reach out to us.

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