Start-up recruitment practices- Be aware of the culture being created!

It the every day decision of the founders and the leadership layer that are to be watched very carefully.

At the beginning start-ups don’t really have their cultural values defined….they just get created through the everyday decisions that the founders and the core team and later the extended teams make. These are every-day decisions and then some critical ones and usually they are done in the same fashion. Slowly a culture builds up and if  the founders are not conscious it may spiral out of control into a public perception  that hurts the organisation in the long term.

The personal conduct of the founders is under constant scrutiny by employees and clients and the general public. We have seen some interesting outcomes owing to behavioural aspects of founders in established names in the start-up world.

” There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated ” –  Richard Branson

In survey conducted on job seekers , over 48% of job seekers said that the company culture is important for them while deciding to join a company.

Companies with a collaborative work culture are more likely to withstand the challenges imposed by competition and external stressor events like the  recent covid pandemic.

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